Department of Modern Culture and Media

Graduate Student Handbook

The MCM Graduate Student Handbook is intended to present a clear set of guidelines and expectations for the program, answer some of the most frequently asked questions, and help students at all stages plan their individual experience of the program effectively.

It is every student’s responsibility to be aware of the contents of this handbook; please consult it from time to time when questions or problems arise, and/or when preparing for the next stage of the program.

Because MCM faculty and the profession itself are continually changing, these guidelines may be revised on a regular basis. When changes have been approved, they will be introduced as quickly as possible.

MCM Graduate Student Handbook

No written guide can foresee every programmatic, administrative or scholarly detail that might arise. Plans of study in the program are individualized and distinctive scholarly combinations are possible.

While this handbook provides a framework, you are encouraged to consult actively and consistently and with your faculty advisor, department staff and fellow graduate students throughout your time in the program. We urge you to engage in regular and collegial conversation with MCM faculty and graduate students.