Department of Modern Culture and Media

Declaring the MCM Concentration

  1. Review the requirements for your intended concentration track: Theory-based or Practice-based
  2. Complete a declaration in Advising Sidekick (ASK). You will be required to:
    • Indicate what courses you have taken and make a tentative plan to meet all concentration requirements. (Please list 11 courses total.)
    • Complete the required essay questions.
    • A concentration advisor will be assigned to you.
  3. Meet with your concentration advisor to review your courses and discuss any issues/questions you may have regarding the concentration. The best way to do this is to look up your concentration advisor's office hours and attend.
  4. Your advisor will then approve your declaration in ASK.

Students must declare a concentration no later than the middle of their fourth semester (usually spring semester of sophomore year). Students who choose MCM as a second concentration may declare it at any time during the year. Transfer students who enter Brown with fourth or fifth semester standing must declare a concentration in their first term at Brown. Brown-RISD Dual Degree students may declare as late as the sixth semester if MCM is their first concentration.

MCM concentrators must complete the College Writing Requirement by taking two writing-intensive or WRIT courses. 

Students who declare a double concentration may count up to two courses for concentration credit in MCM that are also counted towards concentration credit in another department or program.

Students who qualify for Honors in either concentration track are eligible to apply to do an Honors project or thesis.

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Transfer, Internship and Other Course Credit

Transfer Credit

Once courses are approved for university credit by the Registrar and The College, you can schedule a meeting with the Transfer Credit Liaison, who acts as the Subject Approver for MCM. The Director of Undergraduate Study (DUS) will determine if any of the courses you have taken at a previous institution are equivalent to MCM courses. Make sure to bring course syllabi to this meeting. After the DUS approves your courses, you can enter them into ASK.

Study Abroad

A maximum of two courses taken abroad (or during domestic study away) can count towards the MCM concentration. More information on study abroad credit equivalency can be found on the Study Abroad website. To ensure that your specific courses will count towards the concentration, check with the Transfer Credit Liaison before studying away. Upon your return, courses should be entered into ASK in order for concentration credit to be awarded.

Internship Credit

Per Brown’s policy, any internship completed for credit must also involve an independent study component. More details on Academic Internships (AIs) can be found on the Curricular Resource Center (CRC) website. In order for the AI to count towards a concentration in MCM, the overseeing faculty member must be MCM faculty.

Courses From Other Departments

Courses taken in other departments at Brown may be counted towards your MCM concentration. Some courses will be officially cross-listed with MCM. If a course is not officially cross-listed with MCM, but seems compatible with the MCM concentration, please contact your concentration advisor to discuss the course in question.