Department of Modern Culture and Media

Independent Study Courses

An independent study is a student-created course in an area of special interest to the student with close guidance by a faculty member. Students and faculty in Modern Culture and Media use independent study courses for several purposes, including research partnerships, capstone projects, and as a way for students to develop an honors thesis.

Registration for an independent study course can proceed once a faculty member agrees to the proposed topic and plan of study. Independent study courses receive standard course credit and can also be used to meet concentration requirements with approval of the concentration advisor.

Start your search for a faculty sponsor by consulting members of the Department of Modern Culture and Media. You should choose an advisor whose work corresponds with your area of interest. Generally, it’s best to make an appointment with the faculty member or visit during their scheduled office hours to discuss the possibility of working with them. Many students seek out faculty members with whom they have already taken a course to sponsor their independent study.

Registering for an Independent Study

Follow this procedure:

  1. Identify a faculty advisor, and work with them to decide on the content and structure for your course, including a way to assess your work, and the grade option (ABC/NC or S/NC).
  2. Once you receive approval from the faculty member, they will issue the appropriate override for Banner registration.
  3. Register in Banner for the appropriate section of Modern Culture and Media Independent Study - MCM 1970 Independent Study in Modern Culture and Media.