Department of Modern Culture and Media

Senior Capstone

The MCM capstone requirement is fulfilled through enrolling in a senior seminar (1500- or 1700-level).

  • The Theory-based track requires two courses of 1500- and/or 1700-level.
  • The Practice-based track requires one 1500-level course and one 1700-level course.

Other courses that count as a capstone:

  • MCM1970 (Independent study or research project)
  • MCM1990 (Honors Thesis/Project)

A senior capstone project enables students to synthesize knowledge gained in the (inter)discipline(s), often by allowing students to apply what they have learned.

A senior capstone experience can be any kind of project that draws on what you have learned in your concentration. It is usually completed in close consultation with an advisor. An honors thesis or independent study is one obvious type of capstone. A performance or art opening is another. And, depending on one's goals, a focused internship or other kind of educational work experience could be another, especially if carried out in consultation with a faculty mentor.

Many concentrations at Brown, particularly interdisciplinary and joint concentrations, require a senior capstone experience. Even if such a culminating project is not required by a student's concentration, we encourage all juniors to include such a project in their senior-year planning.